Event Schedule for TheXPlace+Unity Summer Game Jam

Event Schedule for TheXPlace+Unity Summer Game Jam

We are thrilled to announce the initial list of incredible speakers who will be joining us at the upcoming Summer Game Jam in partnership with Unity! ๐ŸŽฎโœจ

Get ready to be inspired by industry leaders and visionaries as they share their insights, experiences, and tips on navigating the dynamic world of game development.

The Summer Game Jam and all its events are VIRTUAL and Free! but! space is limited โ€”register now to secure your spot!

Click on any image below to be directed to the registration page for a specific event.

Summer Game Jam 2024 - Theme Reveal

Jun 9, 2024, NOON PST
On June 9th at Noon Pacific Time, we will reveal here the Theme for the Summer Game Jam 2024! Once the theme is announced, game teams can begin planning and working on their awesome games!

Coffee Chats - Summer Game Jam focused

Jun 9, 10, 11, 12 - Times Vary - see event page for the details.
Join us for our famous Coffee Chats and Speed Networking (new!) to discuss a range of topics, with a particular focus on the upcoming Summer Game Jam! Use this time to connect and form your dream team for the ultimate game jam experience, or just come to discuss all things game dev related!

Fireside chat with Major Nelson

Jun 11 - 10AM PST
Gaming veteran Larry Hyrb (Major Nelson) shares motivational tales and wisdom from his decades-long journey, with behind-the-scenes stories spanning the Xbox era to today. Learn keys to persevering, growing, and seizing opportunities in gaming's ever-evolving landscape.

Debra Isaac, Carl Domingo, Gavan Gravesen - Discovery Workshop at TheXPlace

Jun 13 - 8:30AM PST
Join SideFX, RADiCAL, and Genies for expert-led sessions. Gain insights into cutting-edge tools and techniques that will level-up your Art, Animation and creativity. Elevate your craft and stay ahead in today's competitive market.

Unity Muse: Accelerate prototyping with AI

Jun 13 - 10:30 AM PST
In this session, learn how Unity Muse a collection of AI-powered capabilities helps make creating in the Unity Editor faster, less complex, and more flexible.

Unity+TheXPlace Summer Game Jam Kicks Off!

Jun 13 12PM PST
Looking to add a fun game to your portfolio? How about earning some serious bragging rights in the process? Join TheXPlace + Unity this summer and let's beat the heat of job-searching together.

Unity+TheXPlace Summer Game Jam Kicks Off!

Jun 14 8:30 AM PST
Finding the right monetization strategy is crucial for any game's success and longevity. This keynote will provide a practical guide to game monetization - from establishing solid business fundamentals to implementing effective monetization models.

Cinematic Design Thinking

Jun 15 10 AM PST
The Art + Craft of Visual and Emotional Storytelling. This session will highlight key lessons for creating deeply engaging visual-narrative experiences

Build Better Worlds through Game Culturalization

Jun 16 10 AM PST
Award-winning advocate and video game exec, Kate Edwards, will discuss the impact of culturalization in video games and how it can be effectively utilized by developers.

Crafting Worlds: Creative and Narrative Direction

Jun 18 8:30 AM PST
This session brings together a diverse lineup of industry experts, including creative directors, narrative directors, game designers, and cinematic directors.

Submissions are Due!

Jun 19 Noon PST
Submission deadline is Noon Pacific Time. See Submissions Guidelines on the event page.

Fireside Chat with Peter Moore

Jun 24 8:30 AM PST
Fireside chat with Peter Moore, a trailblazer who has helped shape the landscape of interactive entertainment! With a career spanning iconic brands like Sega, Microsoft, and Electronic Arts (EA), Peter brings a wealth of experience and insights to the table. This chat offers a unique opportunity to gain fresh perspectives and actionable strategies from one of the industry's most respected figures.

Games Spotlight and Pitch Reviews

Jun 25 9:30 AM PST
After 7 days of intense creativity, collaboration and development, teams participating in the game jam will unveil their creations and pitch their game concepts to a panel of industry experts