Kate Edwards Joins TheXPlace Talks About Culturalization

Edwards, CEO of Geogrify, will discuss the importance of culturalization in video game design and how developers can make sure their games authentically reflect the cultures they are trying to portray while still being fun and engaging.

Kate Edwards with the text "Kate Edwards Culturalization in Video  Games- TheXPlace Talks"
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On May 3rd, we welcome the award-winning advocate and video game executive, Kate Edwards, to discuss the impact of culturalization in video games and how developers can effectively utilize it.

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Kate, CEO of Geogrify, will speak about culturalization in video game design. She will discuss how developers can make their games authentically reflect cultures while being fun and engaging. She will also share her experience working on projects such as Microsoft's Halo. Kate is on Forbe's 50 over 50 list and has gained awards for her advocacy. Come armed with questions for the talk on May 3rd at 8am PDT.

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