Earn more and get paid with Contracting and Payments!

Today we are thrilled to announce Contracting, Payments and Escrow: a set of game-changing solutions built to ensure talent and studios work together in a seamless, reliable and trustworthy way. 

Earn more and get paid with Contracting and Payments!

At TheXPlace, we’re committed to equipping talent with the tools they need to find a steady flow of suitable work that will set them up for success. That’s why today, we are thrilled to announce Contracting, Payments and Escrow: a set of game-changing solutions built to ensure talent and studios work together in a seamless, reliable and trustworthy way. 

📝 Contracting Made Easy

Making games can be a joy for many game dev professionals, but contracts and paperwork? Not so much. Let's be honest: creating contracts can be frustrating for several reasons. First, they're notoriously difficult to craft and a major time-suck. Second, navigating the legal jargon and knowing what language to use can be daunting. Third, there's often uncertainty about what to include and whether all bases are covered. And let's not forget the logistical challenge of figuring out how and where to create the contract securely. It's no wonder many professionals would rather avoid dealing with contracts altogether.

But evading contracts isn't a solution. Without a formal agreement in place, both parties are vulnerable to potential risks. For hiring studios, this could mean a professional starting the work and then unexpectedly backing out, leaving them in a bind, especially if a game launch is looming. Meanwhile, professionals face the risk of completing work without receiving payment.

TheXPlace's contracting solution is designed to alleviate these concerns and protect both parties. Our platform streamlines the contract creation process, making it quick, easy, and free.

Once you have an active job with a shortlisted candidate, you can set up the contract on TheXPlace in just minutes. Details from the job description will auto-populate in the contract draft, making it even faster to send for review and approval. Once the professional approves the contract - you are all set! 

💰 Flexible Payment Options for Every Need 

This release introduces several engagement models suitable for fractional work, consulting and project-based engagements. Whether you prefer to hire a professional for a fractional engagement, a set number of hours per week over a specific period (e.g., 15 hours per week from April 1 to August 15), or a one-time engagement with a "bank of hours" (e.g., 100 hours of consulting), TheXPlace has you covered. The hiring studio can also choose between a weekly billing cycle or a one-time payment, ensuring seamless transactions for the engagement. Simply select the option that best fits your needs and enjoy hassle-free transactions every time.

🤝 Escrow = Assured Payment = Happy Professionals 

Ever worried about getting paid after a job well done? Or wasting precious time “chasing” a studio to pay their bill? Worry no more! TheXPlace Payment Assurance solution is our payment-in-advance approach, meaning we securely hold the hirer's payment until the job cycle concludes.

Once both parties give a thumbs up to the work, voilà – the payment smoothly transitions to the professional. This ensures a worry-free environment where talent and hirers can focus on the jobs at hand. 

🔒 Your Security, Our Priority 

When it comes to your payment information, we don't just take security seriously – we take it to the next level. Partnering with Stripe, a leader in online payments, we guarantee top-tier security. Stripe's PCI Service Provider Level 1 certification – the Iron Man suit of payment security – ensures your financial details are in the safest hands.  See the list of countries here that we can currently serve with Stripe’s support.  Don’t see your country listed?  Drop our support team a note here, and we will do everything we can to help.

🌍 Opportunities Without Borders 

Say goodbye to geographical constraints! Talented professionals can now dive into a sea of creative and rewarding opportunities, regardless of location. Focus on what you do best and let us handle the rest. And for game dev studios? TheXPlace is your “long arm, allows you to discover and hire from a diverse pool of exceptional talent without the hefty fees and time spent searching for the perfect fit. PLUS: different currencies and rate conversions are also taken care of.  To see a list of the countries supported at launch, go here

💼 Get Started: It’s Quick and Painless!

Embarking on your journey with TheXPlace's Contracting and Payments is a breeze. Here's how to get rolling: First, sign up or log in to your TheXPlace account. You need to have your basic profile completed, including your I.D. verification.


Next, navigate to the top menu in your profile and select the wallet icon. Whether you're a professional ready to offer your skills or a company seeking top-notch talent, link your preferred payment method/ deposit method securely with Stripe, ensuring all transactions are smooth and protected. Once set up, you're ready to explore and connect! Dive into a vast network of professionals and opportunities, send or accept proposals, and start working on projects with the peace of mind that TheXPlace has your back every step of the way.  

🌟 The Future of Work is here. Are you in? 

Step into a world where your skills and time are valued, your payments are secure, and opportunities and creative talent are boundless. Step into the #futureofwork where creativity meets opportunity, and let's redefine the future of game development together with TheXPlace.

💭 Tip: check out our step-by-step instructions on payment method, payout method, creating contracts, applying to a job, submitting invoices and more. Also, access our How-to videos here.

Questions? Found a bug? (Hey, we're still in Closed Beta!) Reach out to our friendly support team here.